How many ladies can I invite?  That’s up to you and your space. If your room can handle it, so can we! Average group size ranges from 5 to 12 ladies.

How long does the party last?  90 minutes.

So, what's in the "Little Black Box"?  Our LBB includes custom invitations, envelopes, party-prep tips, recipes for our signature drinks, as well as some super fun, girly surprises from our unique vendors to get you party-ready. Trust us...once you see what's in this awesome pre-party pack, you will want to book a party just to get some exclusive goodies! 

But what if I can't dance?  Pshh! That’s what they all say! Trust us. With our easy-to-follow dance routines, outgoing instructors, and bangin’ beats...we’ll have even the “Marian Librarians” of your gang letting loose! Pinky promise!

I’ve attended “in-home” parties before. Do I have to BUY anything once I’m at the party? Nope. Unless you want to purchase some of our rad souvenirs or apparel available at each party.

Where can I find a Ladies Nite In instructor?  While we are working to nationally expand our team,  we are currently offering parties in Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville, and surrounding areas. 

How do I become a Ladies Nite In instructor?  Contact us for details at (317)945-3459.

Umm, what’s up with the spelling of “Nite”?  Well, glad you asked. A truly unique night deserves a unique spelling, don't you think?